WATCH – Woman accusing Babar Azam of sexual abuse says video of her signing deal is old

Hamiza Mukhtar, 24, says she will not marry the star batsman now and wants to see him behind bars

11:08 PM | 16 Jan, 2021
WATCH – Woman accusing Babar Azam of sexual abuse says video of her signing deal is old

Hamiza Mukhtar, who accuses star batsman Babar Azam of longstanding sexual abuse, appeared again on the media to deny any deal with the Pakistan national captain.

In an interview with YouTube channel Lamha News, the 24-year-old claimed that the video being shared on social media in which she can be seen signing an agreement is old and was from 2018.

Hamiza, who has also shared her chat records with Babar Azam, said she had signed the agreement in 2018 when she was assured by Babar and his family that they would get married in a week. She said she had since been asking Babar to honour his promise, but to no avail, after which she went public with her allegation.

Hamiza said that she is no longer willing to marry Babar and only wishes that he be punished for his crime of abusing her for so many years on the pretext of marriage. Her lawyer says the cricketer was "harassing the young woman by using her nudes she had sent him during their relationship".

Her interview comes days after court ordered the Naseerabad Police to register a case against Babar Azam. While defending the allegations, counsel for the player said that the petition was trying to blackmail his client, adding that the woman had also blackmailed him in 2016.

Babar’s lawyers maintained that the woman was demanding Rs2 million to withdraw the allegations.

Earlier, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) cybercrime circle had summoned the skipper weeks after he was accused of sexual and financial abuse by his alleged former girlfriend. 

Babar, 26, is set to lead Pakistan in series against South Africa this month.

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