'Pain in the back' or the 'strategy of silence'? Ch Nisar takes a break from official engagements

02:38 PM | 18 Jul, 2017
'Pain in the back' or the 'strategy of silence'? Ch Nisar takes a break from official engagements
ISLAMABAD - Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who has been out of the spotlight ever since Joint Investigation's Report jolted 'House of Sharif', has taken a break from his official responsibilities as Interior Minister.

The minister, a close aide of Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif instead of PM Nawaz, felt severe back pain after which the doctors advised him to take complete rest, a private TV channel reported on Tuesday.

The Express Tribune reported that the back pain led the PML-N leader to postpone his official engagements after which he went home. However, political analysts also hinted at the possibility that he might have sidelined himself intentionally so as to avoid defending embattled Sharif family.

It bears mentioning that the minister, who otherwise advocates his party on several forums was seen missing from the mainstream media after the high-powered JIT apparently destroyed the reputation of the ruling Sharif family in the purview of Panama papers investigations.

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Ch Nisar, who is believed to be close to military corridors was also reportedly involved in a heated debate with the premier during the cabinet meeting.

Though the minister himself did not confirm or refute the news but highly placed sources claimed that Ch Nisar during the cabinet meeting blatantly told the prime minister: "Only a miracle could save you."

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The interior minister advised the premier not to confront the institutions and find a better alternative, further adding that certain ministers have brought about these circumstances upon him as they did not handle the Panama leaks in a proper manner.