PM Nawaz inaugurates Lowari Tunnel project

09:24 AM | 20 Jul, 2017
PM Nawaz inaugurates Lowari Tunnel project
DIR - Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Thursday inaugurated Lowari Tunnel project.

The 8.5 km long tunnel will not only reduce the travelling time from Peshawar to Chitral by fifty percent but will also facilitate all-weather movement during the long winter season.

Earlier, it used to take 14 hours to reach Chitral,and now the time has reduced to seven hours.

Around Rs25 billion was spent to realise the project, which was a long standing demand of the people.

Uninterrupted transportation will boost the trade activities and tourism besides creating job opportunities for local people.

Earlier, the Lowari Pass was closed during the long winter season, and people of Chitral have to travel into Afghanistan and then back into Pakistan to approach the rest of the country.