Meet world's most identical twins who share almost 'everything'

05:24 PM | 21 Apr, 2015
Meet world's most identical twins who share almost 'everything'
PERTH (Web Desk) - Identical Australian twins who share the same bed and boyfriend and are never more than a few metres apart, have been named the World's Most Identical Twins after taking Japan by storm.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque who have spent over $250,000 on the same cosmetic surgery procedures to ensure they look identical, fascinated the producers of a Japanese television prank show who discovered them on YouTube.

The 28-year-olds from Perth in Western Australia, who were born just one minute apart, were invited to fly over and participate in the show which saw them playing tricks on the public and competing against a Japanese set of twins who simply couldn't compare to their extreme measures.





“They would go to the shops without each other. See, we wouldn't do that. We wouldn't leave each other by ourselves. And they didn't sleep in the same bedroom,” the DeCinque twins told Channel Seven of their competitors.

After even a computer failed to spot the difference between Anna and Lucy, the duo embraced the title of the World's Most Identical Twins.





“It's been proven in Japan and they did the challenges and we proved we are the world's most famous identical twins,” they told Channel Seven's Sunrise.

“It's a great tag line for us.”

The women also revealed some of the daily measures they go to in order to maintain their similarities, including eating the same type and amount of food and never leaving each other's sight.

“When she gets full, I'm full as well. When she stops eating, I'll stop eating,” they said, adding: “We want our bodies to look the same; we want to weigh the same.

“We are never more than a few metres apart, wherever my sister goes, I go as well. We follow each other.”

They also touched on some of their more extreme measures, including the hundreds of thousands of dollars they've spent on cosmetic surgery procedures including lip fillers, breast implants and fake eyebrows and eyelashes.

“We've always been identical from an early age, we just wanted to get the same procedures because we want to do everything together and we want to look exactly the same,” they said.

Anna and Lucy, who live at home with their mother, also share a boyfriend, which they believe is a perfect situation for a relationship.

When asked about the difficulties of sharing the one boyfriend, the twins responded with 'it works easier for us'.




“We've had separate boyfriends in the past and it hasn't worked, but now it's much easier and it is great.

“We're with each other 24/7, me and my sister; it's just easier to share a boyfriend because we're always together.”

Their current boyfriend is electrical mechanic Ben Byrne, also from Perth, according to PerthNow.

Anna and Lucy's unique bond has only grown as they got older. Aged 12, the sisters opted for different hair styles, with Anna going for a longer cut, but the streak of individuality was short-lived.

When their father Luigi was diagnosed with cancer and remained housebound, the girls became even closer. They quit their beauty course and stayed at home to look after their dad, until his death five years ago.

That same year, when the girls turned 24, they both decided to have breast enlargements after, they say, being inspired by Kim Kardashian's.