CEO Bank of Punjab Zafar Masud reveals how he survived Karachi PIA plane crash

12:09 PM | 21 Aug, 2020
CEO Bank of Punjab Zafar Masud reveals how he survived Karachi PIA plane crash

LAHORE – Mr Zafar Masud, who miraculous escaped in the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash in Karachi, has recorded a message on his plane crash experience.

In a tweet on Thursday, Chairman of the Bank of Punjab (BoP) Zafar Masud while giving the detailed account of the accident for Pakistan Association for Greater Boston on Pakistan Day celebrations in Boston, said that “this was indeed a very revealing experience, ” adding that “God has been really very kind and the entire episode was totally Divine”. 

Zafar Masud said that he had no memory of the entire crunch as when the plane crashed, he fainted and was already been rescued when he regained consciousness. 

“It seemed that my God just came by himself for my rescue and saved me”, he added. 

The BoP Chairman Zafar Masud also shared the lesson he had learnt from the accident and said that he felt as if God Almighty was pleased with everything he had been doing in the past and he will continue with the practice .

He said that “one of the major aspect was patriotism, our commitment with the our country and do the things in the right way, try and be as honest as possible, trying as helpful to the others, try and be committed to your country as much as possible”, Zafar advised and added that “You have to be better than the rest, in terms of your conduct and actions and in terms of your behaviours with your fellow countrymen”. 

He lauded the commitment and patriotism expats and overseas Pakistanis have shown for the country and said that in the tough times its been your support and remittances, that kept us afloat. 

In May, 2020 Pakistani flight (PIA PK 8303) coming from Lahore, carrying around 100 people onboard crashed over a residential colony moments before landing at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. Zafar Masud was among the at least two people who had survived the crash miraculously.