Biden picks two Kashmiri-American women for top positions at White House

10:13 PM | 21 Jan, 2021
Biden picks two Kashmiri-American women for top positions at White House

WASHINGTON – US President Joe Biden has selected two American women of Kashmiri origin for his top team, shaping up the policies for post-Covid situation. 

Sameera Fazili has been appointed deputy director of the US National Economic Council while Ayesha Shah will work on the White House Digital Strategy Team.

Sameera Fazili, a daughter of a Kashmir-born doctor couple, Muhammad Yusuf Fazili and Rafiqa Fazili, from the old city of Gojwara, started her career as a clinical lecturer at Yale Law School’s community and economic development clinic.

Fazili, who was part of protests against revocation of special status of occupied Kashmir, also served as a senior adviser at the NEC and at the Treasury Department of the White House during the administration of former president Barack Obama. 

The announcement of Fazili’s appointment has sparked celebrations in Kashmir. Her extended family members in Srinagar termed it a great honour for the family.

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Ayesha Shah, who was born in Kashmir and grew up in the US, worked as a digital partnership manager in Joe Biden-Harris’ team during the presidential electoral campaign.

Keeping in view her expertise, she has been elevated to a key position in the digital department. 

Raised in Louisiana, Shah is currently working as a digital specialist at the Smithsonian Institute.

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