Celebs call out 'elite aunties' of Cannoli for demeaning their café manager over English skills

08:45 PM | 21 Jan, 2021
Celebs call out 'elite aunties' of Cannoli for demeaning their café manager over English skills

Cannoli by Cafe Soul's owners Uzma and Thea came under fire and are being slammed by netizens over their elitist behaviour.

A viral video started doing rounds on the social media where the two ladies were spotted sprouting insensitive remarks towards their manager. At the start, Uzma Chaudhry can be seen saying, “We own Cannoli, and we were bored, so we would like to introduce you to our team.”

They then call their employee and ask him to say a sentence in English, something which the manager can be seen struggling at. Uzma Chaudhary remarks, “so this is the beautiful English he speaks.” and Dia Haider chimes in saying “this is what we paid for” (in reference to the English language courses they paid for). Towards the end, Chaudhary states, “This is at a very good salary, mind you.”

Their inconsiderate humour has since been hugely discouraged by the public.

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The bitter reality of Pakistani society where speaking English is associated with being wealthy is quite evident in the video where the owners were seen ridiculing their manager for his inability to speak English. 

The general public reacted over the colonial mindset of the owners while others roasted them with hilarious memes. The celebrities also did not hold back and spoke their mind openly:

The Meray Paas Tum Ho star Adnan Siddiqui was quick to discourage the behaviour:

Host Anoushey Ashraf also tweeted. "No damage control can undo the embarrassment here. Even if he’s your best buddy, how is such leg-pulling acceptable in 2021? How?"

Mawra Hocane also posted an Instagram story pressing on kindness and tolerance:

The Parey Hut Love star Sheheryar Munawar also expressed his opinion saying "Seems like an exaggerated scene out of a 90's movie, where the mean rich kids pick on the protagonist, making fun of his humble background."

"We were bored so we decided to ridicule our employees who can’t speak English as we do with our fake accents," comedian Ali Gul Pir penned, adding, "Someone in Islamabad please give Awais bhai a respectable job in the service industry where he’s not ridiculed for entertainment. You can find him at Cannoli."

Mr Funny bones Jeremy McLellan also expressed his thoughts about this incident.

"Humiliating your countrymen so you’ll be accepted by foreigners always ends in being rejected by both. #BoycottCannoli"

Ahmed Ali Butt and Sarah Khan also shared their two cents on the Cannoli incident :

#BoycottCannoli was trending on Twitter after the video was shared multiple times. The video was taken down after outrage from the restaurant page.

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