Cher lauds Pakistan for granting freedom to lonely elephant Kavaan

06:10 PM | 22 May, 2020
Cher lauds Pakistan for granting freedom to lonely elephant Kavaan

With all the glitz and glamour that comes out of celebrity lives, it's not always obvious that many stars are animal lovers, too. In fact, some celebs use their fame to go above and beyond for pets and wildlife.

One of these stars is music icon Cher.

She marked ‘one of the greatest moments’ of her life Thursday after a Pakistani court instructed freedom for a lonely elephant named Kaavan, who had become the subject of a prominent rights campaign supported by the US singer.

“We have just heard from Pakistan High Court that Kaavan is free,” Cher tweeted.

“THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE,” the pop singer continued.

She also took to Twitter to thank the government of Pakistan for their underlying efforts.

The Islamabad High Court has instructed wildlife officials to discuss with Sri Lanka to find Kaavan a ‘suitable sanctuary’ within one month, tweeted the ‘Friends of Islamabad Zoo’, which labels itself as a group of citizens advocating for animal welfare at the zoo.

According to the activists, Kaavan didn’t have any proper shelter and needed a better habitat to survive.

Several years ago, people all over the world were outraged over the treatment of Kaavan. A petition with over 200,000 signatures was signed after it became evident that he was being chained at the Islamabad Zoo in Pakistan’s leafy capital.

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