Koonda Chaari: Lahore's first ever Transgender-owned food delivery service

11:11 AM | 23 Aug, 2019
Koonda Chaari: Lahore's first ever Transgender-owned food delivery service

LAHORE - According to a survey conducted in Pakistan in 2017, transgenders cover 0.005 per cent of the total population. In spite of this, they face many problems.

In recent time, many transgender individuals have emerged in various fields including TV anchor, fashion designing and now some are also performing duties in the food business.

Pakistan has seen the Transgender community making unprecedented moves for the past few years especially with news anchor Marvia Malik who went lauded globally after making a debut on the Kohenoor News channel in 2018.

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Similarly, in 2018, Farzana Jan, President of the TransAction alliance in Pakistan was being issued passport with gender classified as X on official documentation.

A Lahore based transgender activist, Moon, just started her own food delivery service by the name of Koonda Chaari in the city, Lahore a few days ago and it is getting an amazing response by the public.

Koonda Chaari, food outlet is not only run by an individual but a group of transgender people that not only cook the food but also deliver it to the customers.

After the successful opening of the food outlet, several Pakistani human rights activists had commended Moon and the ‘Koonda Chaari’ team on the self-build initiative— encouraging many others to pursue their dreams and earning a respectable living.


Here, wishing all the best to the Koonda Chaari team and wish them the success in the world!

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