Does Meesha Shafi want to date Babar Azam?

07:05 PM | 23 Nov, 2020
Does Meesha Shafi want to date Babar Azam?

Social media in Pakistan remained abuzz with rumors of Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi wanting to date Pakistani skipper Babar Azam on Monday.

“I always stick to the television when he is batting, and when he gets out, I switch my television off. I would love to date him anytime. I just love him,” read a post on a fan page of the cricketer. The post, filled with Shafi’s alleged affection towards the Karachi Kings star batsman, later turned out to be fake.  

The 38-year-old singer, however, took to Instagram to reject the claim. “I have no idea who this is and why it exists. It makes zero sense, 100% concocted out of thin air,” she wrote on an Instagram story.

The Aaya Lariye singer then went on to tag Instagram Official, asking the Facebook-owned social media platform to take the fake post down. “This quote is fabricated. @instagram, kindly remove this post. Thank you.”

Earlier in October, Meesha Shafi’s sexual harassment allegations against Ali Zafar had stirred a storm in the entertainment industry. Shafi and eight others were booked over by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for publicly defaming the Rockstar singer.