'Pawri' girl Dananeer Mobeen comes dancing in rain, moonlight (VIDEO)

01:46 PM | 24 Apr, 2021
'Pawri' girl Dananeer Mobeen comes dancing in rain, moonlight (VIDEO)

‘Pawri' girl Dananeer Mobeen has shared a video of herself celebrating rain in the moonlight.

Wearing a black dress and dancing in slow motion to music in the background, Dananeer captioned her video on her Instagram page as:

“So long, goodbye. Major missing the moon sparkling on these enchanting waves.” 

Although it’s dark in the background, the moon is sparkling and raindrops can be seen falling on the ground in the moonlight. The combination of music, dance, moonlight and rain made the video an instant hit as it was viewed 596,501 times by her fans and followers within 24 hours. 

The 19-year-old girl from Islamabad became a social media sensation overnight after her five-second ‘pawri ho rahi hai’ video went viral across the subcontinent just a couple of months ago.

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