Hottest Hair Transformations by Our Favourite Girls: By Mina Jahangir

01:54 PM | 24 Aug, 2017
Hottest Hair Transformations by Our Favourite Girls: By Mina Jahangir

We spotted some incredibly sexy and powerfully feminine hair makeovers around town, and we were instantly smitten by these risqué transformations.

Ready to take a look?

Ainy Jafri’s quirky and sassy shoulder-grazing lob gives us some serious #shorthairgoals and we must admit, it has brought out an infectiously chic youthfulness to her lovely face. Brilliant move Ainy!

Maham Amjad reminds us that it’s always a good time to go red with her intensely glamorous red dye job from Tony and Guy earlier this month. She’s totally nailed the redhead glamour to say the least!

Our fun-loving and inspiring editor, Sana Gillani, chose to stun us all with this amazingly energetic hair transformation. Sana got a razor sharp blunt bob that works wonders at highlighting her sleek jawbones, and slaying us with her voguishly chic vibes.

Ushna Shah gave us yet another reason to fall in love with her quirky and risqué style transformations. This time around, she’s stunned the crowds with an artfully chic and classy shoulder-grazing A-line bob.

Armeena, the newly engaged beauty, has gotten an incredibly risqué and classic hair transformation that has made her style the talk of the town. She chopped away her long locks for this infectiously voguish and unbelievably chic razor sharp neck-grazing bob. I always admired her warm and attractive features, but this sharp bob is just what she needed to brim her look with contemporary chicness.

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak is the bold and fearless model who had the nerve to stand up against societal standards of beauty and put to shame those stupid notions that associate beauty with a head full of long, silky tresses. Not anymore, for Saheefa’s extraordinarily sexy pixie cut, created by the talented hair maestro Shammal Qureshi himself, strikes all the right chords of contemporary glamour, and creates new role models of femininity beauty. This power cut is without doubt the talk of the town, and my only concern is that when will our style-deprived society learn the difference between a ‘boy cut’ and a pixie cut.

Athar Shahazad gave Sana Bucha the most magnificently glossy gold highlights, and we must marvel at the amazingness which has managed to steal away her age, brimming her face with a youthful vibrancy. Now this a look that all age-conscious fashionistas must experiment with!

Sadaf Kanwal’s enormously chic shoulder-grazing bob strikes all the right chords of contemporary charm, and we must admit, it gives this quirky fashionista a classic aura of voguish elegance.