Stay Awake! Motorway police introduce device for drowsy drivers (VIDEO)

04:20 PM | 25 Dec, 2020
Stay Awake! Motorway police introduce device for drowsy drivers (VIDEO)

ISLAMABAD – The National Highways & Motorway Police have introduced a device to keep drivers from falling asleep during driving.

The authority also claimed that the alarm-based device will significantly reduce the rate of accidents on the motorways.

The gadget is designed to be worn on their ears and it worked with the sensors that set off an alarm when a driver’s head tilts forward due to sleep. The alarm is a loud beep that sounds off near the ears of the driver.

The actual cost of the device is Rs750 but it will be made available for public use with a discounted price of Rs300 – with the help of an unnamed donor.

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The department will introduce the device in coordination with the trader's associations and local administrations, the NHMP policeman said.

Roadside stalls will be arranged in each area to sell the device to the public.

Hundreds of passengers lose their lives on a regular basis due to the drivers who fall asleep while driving. This device will prevent such disasters.

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