Shehzad Roy releases special video message for children as Pakistan bans corporal punishment

04:40 PM | 25 Feb, 2021
Shehzad Roy releases special video message for children as Pakistan bans corporal punishment

A popular name amongst the masses, singer-songwriter Shahzad Roy made his name through music and off-screen social work, advocating for children’s rights since 2013.

Taking to his Twitter, the Jind Jaan crooner expressed himself on the recent ban on corporal punishment.

The 44-year-old singer began, “In this clip, I’m addressing kids who go to schools or madrassas. Teacher or instructors who twist your ears, slaps you across the face or shows aggression of any sorts… Well kids, good news for you! None of this will ever happen to you ever again.”

“What you just saw were government officers taking a decision on your behalf to ban cruelty against physical torture conducted in schools and religious institutions.”, he commended the legislation.

Reflecting on the people present in the assembly who experienced the same trauma, the singer said, “Parents are the first to physically abuse kids, followed by teachers and then, lastly, the authorities. The development of a child by now revolves around the connection between discipline and physical abuse. This results in a violent society.”

“I appeal to parents to stop abuse against children beginning from their homes. Any child who is watching this, warn your teachers… if they approach you in an unmannerly way, a bill has been passed to protect you.”, he concluded.

The National Assembly of Pakistan appreciated Roy’s support. “Corporal punishment was affecting children's mental and physical development, as well as educational activities. The Speaker said that the efforts of renowned singer and social activist, head of Zindagi Trust, Shehzad Roy to curb physical violence against children were creditable.”

Mass awareness campaigns have been launched to educate about such sensitive topics that require education like positive disciplining.

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