Yasir Hussain opens up about his remarks on Nausheen Shah

08:24 PM | 25 Feb, 2021
Yasir Hussain opens up about his remarks on Nausheen Shah

Yasir Hussain has a quirky personality that keeps him in the headlines. From his unabashed opinions to glare-worthy statements, the 36-year-old has landed in the limelight once again with his jab at co-actor Nausheen Shah.

Bumping into controversies, Hussain was recently invited to talk show “Ghabrana Mana Hai” hosted by Vasay Chaudhry, where he made some explosive revelations.

Talking about unwanted guests at his wedding with Aziz, he revealed that Pehli si Muhabbat actor Nausheen Shah attended the wedding forcefully when she wasn’t invited to the function.

Yasir's comment threw everyone off guard with the way he mocked Shah. The video clip created a buzz on the internet and Yasir started receiving a lot of backlash over his remarks about Shah.

Shah responded to the scandal with utmost grace as she savagely posted a story with a silent message.


Springing into defence mode, Hussain posted series of Insta stories where he said that if he is wrong then those shows in which these questions are asked are also wrong and those channels that cast these shows are also wrong. 


Unfortunately, humour nowadays is based on the exploitation of others. Our talk-shows require casual fun talk within the boundaries of decency rather than forced humour and cringe-worthy content.

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