Eman Suleman to join wedding club soon

11:55 AM | 25 Nov, 2019
Eman Suleman to join wedding club soon

KARACHI - Pakistani actress cum model Emaan Suleman, the bold and beautiful has a huge number of fan following on her social media accounts and she is also highly being admired for her looks by the audience.

Suleman’s announcement for getting married soon is one of the most vivid posts, you will go through Instagram these days. 

As, recently in an elaborated post, Eman had revealed that “So yes, Jamil and I are getting married. Looking forward to our time together. Until death or divorce do us part.” “I want you to know that I am marrying my non-platonic friend of three months (full GF BF nonsense). Some people get married for themselves, because either they fall in love or because they’re lonely or maybe because of family or to have kids, I’m marrying because I just want to make haraam halaal to please my Rabb. And since moving in together isn’t an option in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,” Eman wrote.


In the past, Eman has been seen in pictures with Syed Jamil Haider Rizvi on his Instagram.  Eman's wedding announcement on Instagram got flooded with congratulation wishes by social media users including fellow celebrities including supermodel Mehreen Syed, Zara Peerzada, Ali Gul Pir. 

Here, wishing a blessed life ahead to the soon to be married couple. 

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