Cuban ambassador snubs PML-N senior leader over 'disrespectful mention of Cuba'

09:51 PM | 26 Apr, 2022
Cuban ambassador snubs PML-N senior leader over 'disrespectful mention of Cuba'
Source: @ZenerCaro_Twitter / @ahsaniqbalpk (Instagram)

ISLAMABAD – Cuban ambassador to Pakistan Zener Caro has called out newly-appointed Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal for his "disrespectful" remarks about the island nation, urging the PML-N leader to explain his position on social media.

It all started when Iqbal said that Pakistan aimed to become a strong economy and not end up like “Cuba and North Korea”. He continued, "We have to follow countries like Malaysia, Turkey, China, and South Korea for development."

Following his controversial remarks, Cuban Ambassador to Pakistan Zener Caro took to Twitter where he expressed his dismay. “Fortunately, Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s disrespectful mention of Cuba in his press conference in Lahore does not represent and has nothing to do with Pakistanis’ true respect and deep affection for Cuba,” he wrote on the social media platform.

The planning minister shortly responded to Caro, saying his remarks were “only in the context of foreign policy”. He maintained "we have deep respect for the people of Cuba and deep affectionate relations with Cuba".

Despite the clarification on his remarks, Shery Rehman, Zartaj Gul and other politicians lambasted the PML-N leader for portraying a 'negative' image of the South Asian country.