Girl dancing with Musharraf in viral video clarifies her position

10:09 AM | 26 Jan, 2017
Girl dancing with Musharraf in viral video clarifies her position
DUBAI - The girl who shared her dance with former Pakistani president General Musharraf, a video of which went viral has shrugged off the allegations levelled at her by saying 'What's the big deal'.

In a Facebook status, Sarah Shareif who danced with former president, a video of which stormed the internet, simply brushed aside the 'party' factor adding that it was not a big deal.

Sarah took a sarcastic jibe at social media commentators suggesting that churning out stories bothered them because they were not dancing with Musharraf.


'Just because you haven't seen the entire group dancing along with him, people are churning out all kind of stories or is it bothering you cause it wasn't you dancing with him?? Lol well enjoy yourself & honestly I'm not sure who got more famous, Musharraf or me haha!!' Sarah said in her post

Musharraf, who left Pakistan for backbone treatment, was earlier under the spotlight when a video clip of him dancing with his wife went viral on social media.

Some commentators said that doctor might have suggested a unique treatment to get rid of backbone pain.

Former military head and president Musharraf is wanted in different cases. When a court sought him, photos showing him under treatment at a hospital were presented, and a request was submitted for his removal from ECL on the grounds that he was suffering from a disease whose cure was not possible in Pakistan.