Angeline Malik responds to Jami Mahmood's decision of dumping LSA awards

07:08 AM | 27 Apr, 2019
Angeline Malik responds to Jami Mahmood's decision of dumping LSA awards
LAHORE- Actor-Director Angeline Malik has spoken up about the Lux Style Award nomination controversy involving the withdrawal of several nominees in protest of the nomination of an accused sexual harasser.

“Jami Moor sir, let’s protest,” she began in a Facebook post in response to the film-maker’s decision to dump his LSA trophy out on the streets.

“I travelled to Kasur last week and met Sidra Batool. Does anyone know who she is? We all have forgotten… the only survivor of the many cases of rape and murder in Kasur. She is a vegetable… screams every time anyone enters the room. That trauma she will live forever.”


Malik added, “I met all the parents of all the brutally raped, sodomised and murdered children, as well as Zainab’s father Muhammad Amin Ansari. That’s a reality… everything else is very trivial. You want to be vocal? Call me. Let’s be vocal and let’s actually do something which will make a difference, rather than just putting up a status.”

Malik’s point is that there are considerable issues out there that require our immediate attention and there are plenty other ways to make a difference and stand against sexual harassment.

Jami took to the comments section in a bid to defend his actions. “I was in Kasur, went there during the riot. Went from Karachi to Kasur over night during the Zainab case,” he added. “We don’t just put statuses. Our own battles are deeper than you might know but will try to join your battles too.”

Looks like the buzz around the LSAs isn't dying anytime soon and we'll have to wait for happens next. Have more to add to the story? Comment below and stay tuned for more updates!