Yashma Gill gets emotional after meeting Sana Khan during Umrah

08:21 PM | 27 Apr, 2022
Yashma Gill gets emotional after meeting Sana Khan during Umrah
Source: @yashmagillofficial (Instagram)

KARACHI – Pakistani film and television actor Yashma Gill has sent out an emotional message to her fans after meeting with Sana Khan who quit her career in acting to follow a religious journey.

The Azmaish actor, who made a name for herself in the Pakistani industry in a short period of time, was recently seen performing Umrah where she also met the Indian couple.

Following her meeting with Sana Khan and Anas Saiyad, Gill penned an emotional note on official Instagram: “first Allah SWT blesses me with the opportunity to visit his house and the city of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and then he makes me meet these beautiful people who i cried my heart out to.”

She further maintained, “May Allah SWT make the Iman of each one of us as strong as theirs InshaAllah. Thank you for all the inspiration, for having us and all the Mehman nawazi. Nayi dostiyun ki ibtida inshaAllah for the sake of Allah.”

In the year 2019, Gill shared her life experience of reverting to Islam. In her interview with a web show, the 32-year-old narrated her battle of life, and how her journey brought her back from atheism to become a practicing Muslim.

She also mentioned that she used to argue with everyone on religion during her stay in Australia. She also revealed how a female friend helped her turn around her outlook on Islam.

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