Karan Johar finally gives two-cents on #MeToo movement

11:22 AM | 27 Nov, 2018
Karan Johar finally gives two-cents on #MeToo movement
MUMBAI - Recently, KJo gave his opinion regarding the global #MeToo movement while having a discussion with Bollywood's perfectionist Aamir Khan on his show.

Ace filmmaker Karan started saying, “As an individual, I think that it is the right thing to have happened to any industry, not just the film fraternity. I think so because there was a certain clean-up required, a certain shift in attitude required and I think the women who are speaking up are empowered."

He further stated that "I know how Kiran has a group of female filmmakers that have started a movement together and I know you put out something as well. What do you have to say about it with everything that is going on?”

"Every woman, who has a voice, has to be respected, applauded for coming out, and it is essential to believe every given voice. You cannot say there’s no proof. That is a lame, masculine thing to say. When a woman comes out, she expresses her heart out, she is right and you believe her," continued KJ.

Ironically this comes at a time when Vinta Nanda has been asked to provide proof of having been raped through a medical examination.

The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai director continued, "Internally, we have always had our system in place. We have all the commissions in place. But they have been re-energized and re-activated now. There’s a huge sense of accountability that has set in not only in my company but also us in general."

He also believes that women should not be pressurized to prove their words and one should give time to ponder on what she is saying.

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