APS Peshawar: Peaceful Pakistan commemorates 2nd Memorial Anniversary

08:22 PM | 28 Dec, 2016
APS Peshawar: Peaceful Pakistan commemorates 2nd Memorial Anniversary
To commemorate the 2nd Memorial Anniversary of APS Peshawar, Peaceful Pakistan in collaboration with The Citizens Foundation organized an event at The Citizens Foundation School (TCF) Minhala girl’s branch, in the outskirts of Lahore.

Students from grades 6 to 8 presented their message of peace and commemorated the martyrdom of APS students through artwork, poems and speeches, which mainly emphasized on the themes inter-faith harmony, coexistence, peace, and anti-terrorism.


Team Peaceful Pakistan engaged the students in dialogue that encouraged peaceful narrative and anti-extremism discourse. The students, among whom some were those from other faith, participated with patriotic zeal and enthusiasm.

The event that commenced with recitation from the Holy Quran and Naat concluded with Dua and the National Anthem, which was followed by candle vigil for the APS Peshawar martyrs.


Peaceful Pakistan acknowledged the efforts of the students by presenting them with souvenirs of Peaceful Pakistan.


The Citizens Foundation is a non-profit organization, who through the initiative of education, is devoted towards promoting peace and coexistence among the youth.