Alhamra events resume with a grand-scale singing contest as COVID-19 restrictions relaxed

06:19 PM | 28 Feb, 2021
Alhamra events resume with a grand-scale singing contest as COVID-19 restrictions relaxed

Alhamra is the art hub in Punjab that exhibit artworks of masters and contemporary artists alongside showcasing the hidden artsy talent of students, scholars, researchers and tourists.

With a pandemic at hand and a splurge in coronavirus cases, the world came to a standstill with all the activities suspended.

Now that the restriction has been lifted and the world adjusts back to a normal routine with precautions, cultural activities have resumed in Lahore with a grand-scale singing contest held by the Alhamra Arts Council.

The Lahore Arts Council has been devoted to music for several years and has initiated activities to promote public interaction via the singing competition. This talent hunt allowed many aspiring singers to take part and give their burgeoning careers a much-needed boost.

Furthermore, the selected group of contestants showcased exceptional singing skills which were highly applauded by the audience and the show's moderators.

Ayesha Tariq and Richael secured the first position in geet and ghazal and were followed by Saad Sultan and Pakeeeza Laal in geet and Ehsan Ashraf and Nafees Ahmed in ghazal who secured second and third rank respectively.

Hamid Ali Khan, Taranum Naz and Ustaad Abdur Rauf made an excellent jury for the competition. The singers expressed utmost happiness over a competition being held. They also went on to appreciate Alhamra for the effort that was made to promote young talent.

Executive Director of Lahore Arts Council Aslam Dogar spoke a few words for the emerging talent. “This singing competition is a sign that young people are still passionate about music and mind you, great artists have come and gone, yet all of them began from this stage,” began the director, appreciating the skills and zeal of the newer generation. “I thanked the jury members and congratulate the winners as it was our vision to initiate competitions that stimulate public interest, promote talent and culture. This is also the priority of the current government.”

A great initiative, the musicians and aspiring artists look forward to singing that could promote upcoming talent in the best way.

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