Message conveyed successfully, says PM Imran as UNGA tour concludes

10:18 PM | 28 Sep, 2019
Message conveyed successfully, says PM Imran as UNGA tour concludes
NEW YORK - Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Saturday that the message regarding the ongoing crisis in Kashmir was successfully conveyed to the global community.

Talking to a private TV channel minutes before leaving from New York, the premier said the United Nations, the US, Russia and global players were apprised of the brutality unleashed in Kashmir against 8 million people.

"It's an ongoing process and public should not be frustrated as there can be ups and downs in the struggle," he said.

When asked about the anticipated heroic welcome at the Islamabad airport, the premier said he was grateful to Almighty Allah.

Prime Minister Imran Khan flew off from New York Saturday morning, however, due to a technical fault his plane was routed back.

On Friday, the premier called out Indian Premier Narendra Modi for suppressing the people of Kashmir as he made his first-ever speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

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‘The purpose of my trip is to reveal what is happening in Kashmir,’ said the premier in his address before the 193-member body, adding that India illegally revoked article 370 that granted Kashmir a special autonomy, noting that the total number of India forces in the occupied valley stood at 900,000.

“No government has taken this stern action against terror elements. India accuses us of terrorism but We have dismantled all terror groups and I invite the UN to send its observers to witness it themselves”, said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said he loves going to India, adding that the first thing he did after assuming power was to reach out to New Delhi.

Premier Khan said he talked to Indian Premier Narendra Modi to work jointly against common challenges like climate change.

“We immediately returned the pilot [of the Indian jet shot down by Pakistan], saying we don’t want any escalation. Rather than taking that as a peace gesture, almost the entire campaign of Mr. Modi in the election was how we had taught Pakistan a lesson,” said the premier.

He brought up the issue of Indian Spy Kulbhushan Jadhav in his speech as a proof of India’s involvement in subversive activities in Pakistan.

“I spoke to PM Modi, I asked him to lets mend ways and leave the past behind despite India being involved in terrorism in Pakistan. We caught an Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav who admitted of doing terrorism in Pakistan,” the premier said.

Pakistani Prime Minister also mentioned about the curfew in Kashmir, with those in the General Assembly gallery, Chanting ‘Shame’.