Nazish Jahangir reacts to marriage rumours

01:02 PM | 29 Aug, 2019
Nazish Jahangir reacts to marriage rumours

LAHORE - Recently, a comment by Pakistani model Nazish Jahangir on a social media post gave rise to rumours that she was marrying Mohsin Abbas Haider. Responding to the rumours, Nazish took to social media to slam the rumours and those spreading them.

Tagging a few online publications, Nazish called them out for being hypocrites and not caring for “someone’s respect and personal life.”

Here is the post by Nazish Jahangir:

Meanwhile, Mohsin after his court appearance yesterday also refuted rumours that he was marrying Nazish. The actor remarked that the media sensationalised comments without confirmation. He added that everyone will know when he’ll be getting married but at this moment, all such stories are false.

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The speculations of their marriage came to light when a fan page in a social media post referred to Nazish and Mohsin as the “Best couple soon.” Under the picture, Nazish commented, “Soon inshaAllah,” and Mohsin liked her comment.

Nazish was being accused by Fatema Sohail of having an affair with Mohsin Abbas Haider in July 2019.

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