You will cry: This song by Shuja haider featuring Saba Qamar is what you need to play right now

11:35 AM | 29 Jun, 2018
You will cry: This song by Shuja haider featuring Saba Qamar is what you need to play right now
KARACHI- When it comes to music Pakistan never fails to amaze the world. Let it be the folk music, Qawwali, Classical, or fusion of Eastern and Western music - our artists had always held the world in awe. Shuja Haider's new song featuring stunning Saba Qamar - our girl crush - is yet another proof how talented our music industry is.

This new song by mastero is not just another song, it's bold and clear voice against oppression in the society and we couldn't be more proud of our Bhaggi girl to team up with the singer to show her support for the cause. Yet another proof that our artists are not only talented but compassionate too.

Shuja Haider's voice, touching lyrics, outstanding performance by Saba Qamar and beautiful shots are enough to mesmerize you and play it over and over again while not wanting to move away from your screen

The theme of the Song

Jevan Daan is based on gender inequality and oppression against children. The music video sends us a message that innocent souls being killed and tortured brutally and we as a society should take a stand for it.

In an interview, Shuja Haider discussed, " I think music is as a medium to convey your thoughts to the audience. And the inspiration came from zainab's case. I wanted to do something, something through which I can show how I actually felt about it."

We don't need to talk about gorgeous Saba Qamar's social activism. Her very realistic portrayal of Qandeel Baloch in Baaghi showed us that star girl will stand up for what she believes to be true.

The Singer is very pleased and thinks it is the best decision to have Saba Qamar as a lead role in the song he expressed his feeling saying “Saba Qamar is an actress who carries herself very well which was quite apt for the kind of character I had etched in my mind for the video. The character seemed tailor-made for Saba. The meaning of the track is also that one should not sideline a woman’s dignity and let me tell you Saba has done great work in it.”

'Gururandhawa' Artist from across the border, India has also appreciated Saba for taking part for this social cause and commented, " So proud of you, This is amazing and Touchy, And Shuja Haider did such a great job in making this beautiful song".

Let's have a look at the video of 'Jeevan Daan':