Five tempting traditional desserts you should try this Eid

12:53 PM | 29 May, 2019
Five tempting traditional desserts you should try this Eid
LAHORE - Pakistanis have sweet tooth and there is no doubt about it. A meal without a dessert feels unfilled. Basically, desserts are an essential part of our culture.

As Eid ul Fitr is just around the corner, people have started preparing for the mouth-watering menus and traditional delights. Traditional desserts cannot be missed on this auspicious occasion.

All these traditional sweets are surely evergreen regardless of any occasion or season. Here, we are sharing five such tempting desserts we all would love to eat.

Lab-e-Shireen: Lab-e-Shireen is a yummy sweet dessert, whose procedure was introduced lately. Before the Lab-e-Shireen, we only knew kheer, halwa or sheer khurma as after mealtime desserts.

It is made with milk, corn flour, different coloured jellies, fruit cocktail and multicoloured noodles.

It has also turn out to be a trendy party dish and you would see in marriage service and related ceremonies, Lab-e-Shireen as sweet dish being served after the feast.

Chum Chum: Chum Chums are like Gulab Jamuns sister, only white. Also, there is no such thing as having one Chum Chum. You at least have two of them in one go and will definitely want to have more.


Khopra Pak: Made of coconut, as the name suggests, Khopra Pak is the right amount of sweet. It comes in various colours. A must try!

Ras Malai: Ras malai is an innovative dessert derived from Rasgulla sweet. It originated in north-east subcontinent present Bangladesh a long time ago and is such a one of a kind delicious dessert that its popularity spread out through Subcontinent like wildfire. It tastes best when cold.

Shahi Tukde: Something we can easily make at home and it definitely tastes amazing. Shahi Tukre consists of fried bread and cooked milk. Also, it tastes best when it’s hot and fresh.

Kulfi: It is an icy dairy dessert. Kulfi is typically prepared by evaporating sweetened milk via time-consuming cooking. Different flavours are added to ones taste. The semi-condensed mix up is then freeze in stiff preserved containers. Peshawri kulfi and Matka kulfi are the most wanted ones in Pakistan.

Have a blessed Meethi Eid everyone!