Indian hospital blends Astrology with Science for treatment

01:54 PM | 29 May, 2019
Indian hospital blends Astrology with Science for treatment
NEW DELHI - An innovative Indian hospital from India has taken the medical diagnosis to the next level by utilizing Astrology - aimed at studying the movements and relative positions of celestial object - to diagnose ailments.

The Unique Sangeeta Memorial Hospital in Jaipur examines Kundli (astrological chart which shows the exact position of heavenly bodies and planets at a particular time) for medical treatment.

The hospital has roped in Pundit Akhilesh Sharma who says medical science and Astrology are blended in the technique adopted by the health facility.

"I see 25-30 kundli daily. We use astrology for diagnosis only, for treatment we use medical science. We do it so that diagnosis is correct and no time is lost," he added.

Surgeon, Dr Mahesh Kulkarni seems satisfied with the technique who revealed that when a patient arrives at the hospital, he is subjected to astrological evaluation & astrological diagnosis following which medical & astrological diagnoses are compared.

"Till now we have attended 70 cases and the astrologer had predicted the diseases exactly same what was detected during the medical diagnosis. Astrology is surely both doctors and patients. When a patient comes, he is subjected to astrological evaluation and astrological diagnosis. The medical and astrological diagnoses are then compared. Treatment is done with advanced technology but we take the help of astrology for diagnosis. Patients are satisfied," he was quoted as saying by IndiaTimes.