Veena Malik shelters Firdous Jamal amid social media backlash

01:21 PM | 30 Jul, 2019
Veena Malik shelters Firdous Jamal amid social media backlash

LAHORE - Former Pakistani TV star Veena Malik has also responded to Firdous Jamaal's comments on Mahira Khan. Taking to  Twitter, Veena Malik wrote, Firdous Jamal is under attack for having his opinion about an actor.

She added that he was and is part of this industry before anyone else who are criticising him.

“I mean such a small industry and tolerance level so low for criticism. How these people will grow if they can’t take the slightest criticism?” she said.

It all started after Jamaal had appeared on Faisal Qureshi’s morning show where he suggested the Superstar actor should no longer play lead roles.

“Sorry to say, she is not heroine stuff. She is a mediocre sort of a model. She is not a good actress and not a heroine,” commented Jamal.

He went on to say, “She is over-aged. There are no heroines in this age. They play the role of a mother.” Firdous Jamal has come under fire for these remarks.

Jamaal's remarks had faced severe backlash all over social media. Several stars later came forward expressing their disappointment in the veteran for pulling down Mahira Khan like that.

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LAHORE- Veteran actor Firdous Jamal has been in the headlines for  making misogynistic remarks about Mahira Khan. ...

Most of the celebs including Mawra Hocane, Frieha Altaf, Humayun Saeed had called out Jamal for having double standards and being chauvinistic.

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