Iffat Omar trolled for wearing revealing dress

01:31 PM | 30 Jul, 2021
Iffat Omar trolled for wearing revealing dress

Stars are being trolled left, right and centre and the latest to fall prey to insensitive comments and moral policing is Iffat Omar.

Receiving flak for her wardrobe choices, the model-actor created an uproar as she dressed in a sleeveless top and posted pictures on her social media handle.

Turning to her Instagram handle, Iffat posted a series of gorgeous clicks that became a victim of the moral brigade who spew hate comments under her post.

The Angan actress can be seen flaunting a sleeveless top with maroon pants whilst wearing gorgeous dark lipstick.

Subjected to severe criticism and backlash, she triggered the masses because her outfit was labelled as 'revealing'.

The keyboard warriors did not hold back and shamed her choice of clothing. Derogatory comments also poured under her picture. Here is what the netizens had to say:

Celebrities receive critique for their lifestyle choices, especially female celebrities who face major backlash due to their fashion and lifestyle choices. 

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