War of Words: Shaan calls for ban on Mawra Hocane for pro-Phantom views

06:55 PM | 31 Aug, 2015
War of Words: Shaan calls for ban on Mawra Hocane for pro-Phantom views
LAHORE (Staff Report) - Recently, Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid voiced his dissent over Phantom lead actor Saif Ali Khan's comments regarding Pakistan.

After the ban, Saif said he has lost faith in the country.

This led to a statement by Shaan on Facebook calling Khan 'faithless' and warned him not to cross the border with hatred in his heart.


"Faithless saif

Needs to find life beyond Pakistan!

Faith doesn't come from a country it comes from within and you have lost faith in yourself after 4 consecutive flop films

So what do you do bash Pakistan so you can hide your flops behind the combined hatred of Indians for Pakistan

Win them with your talent not by fake one liners

Remember superman can only fly in films

So dare not cross our borders with hatred in your heart

But equality and respect in your thoughts, actions and films

You don't need to find villains in Pakistan you have enough of them back home... With protocol now

And the puppet khans are the symbol of the only Muslim domination wake up man nobody's buying it anymore

Time for a new plan

India needs a Martin Luther king to free the Muslims of India

Equal rights about time!!!

Tell your khans to worry about India and stop thinking about Pakistan it is protected not by khans only but by every tribe living and breathing Pakistan

It is our home our motherland don't bring us in your conversations go find somebody else to talk about you have seen our politicians not our people they are a different breed

We will protect Pakistan

It's borders and the cultural borders

And I'm sure you feel the same way about India as an Indian you have a right but you take away my right when I feel about my country



But actress Mawra Hocane did not agree with Shaan and posted:

"I would like to watch #Pantom and then decided whether it's good or bad..And that's exactly what everyone should do... #saynotohate."

"It's about an incident where humanity suffered. It’s not about the suffering of a Pakistani or Indian. #Phantom."

She continued, "If it's anti terrorism, Then yes I'm anti terrorism, it doesn't matter which land i belong to. I'm pro humanity & love &that's that. #Pahntom."

Responding to a tweet she wrote: @RazaRaza45 #phantom is against terrorism. A terrorist can't belong to any country. A terrorist is a terrorist!"


Shaan took objection to the actress' tweets and called for her to be banned.

He started a hashtag and it didn't take long for fans to respond and start the trend '#banmawra'.


Phantom movie has been banned in Pakistan for allegedly depicting the country as a safe haven for terrorists. Jamatud Dawa (JUD) chief Hafiz Saeed also called for its ban.

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In several interviews given to the press during the promotion of the movie, Kabir Khan reiterated that 'Phantom' is anti-terrorism, not anti-Pakistan.

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