CPEC win-win for both Pak-China, says Chinese Ambassador

08:21 PM | 31 Aug, 2016
CPEC win-win for both Pak-China, says Chinese Ambassador
ISLAMABAD - Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong has said that China-Pakistan cooperation would embrace a better future for the benefits of the people of the region "with strong political ties as the guarantee and deep friendship as the support".

“As a Chinese saying goes, a big tree grows from a downy tip. The promotion of CPEC today will help sow the seeds of hope for the grand forest of China-Pakistan friendship tomorrow,” he said while addressing inaugural session of CPEC Summit and Expo in Islamabad.

“Pakistan plans to develop and reform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the community for a long time to promote mutal relationship. And the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor played a positive role in it.

“This year is the 65th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties. For 65 years, the two countries have always adhered to mutual respect and trust, equality and mutual benefits. This time-tested friendship between the two countries, South-South cooperation, has become an important model. At present, the bilateral relations have entered a new period of great development, facing historical opportunities. We are confident of the bright future of bilateral relations.”

The Chinese envoy further said China is willing to share its development opportunities and bonuses with Pakistan, and CPEC is the first major project in this regard. “At present, the Sino-Pakistani economic corridor has entered the implementation stage, the overall progress is smooth. The CPEC, covering energy, roads, railways, ports, fiber, oil and gas pipelines, industrial parks and other projects, is a broad framework for regional cooperation. The Chinese government encourages the qualification and strength of Chinese enterprises to invest in Pakistan, cooperation in production, research and development and other areas to further expand cooperation in space.

“Pakistan economic corridor is a livelihood project to bring tangible benefits for the people. The project has created tens of thousands of jobs for Pakistani people. It will also create more employment and training opportunities for the people to have better health and education services.”

“We want to promote the construction and security of CPEC by “turning two wheels together”, to create ‘safe corridors’."

The Chinese ambassador added that this weekend, in the upcoming eleventh summit held in Hangzhou, China President Xi Jinping will jointly discuss economic cooperation with the world leaders of G20 members to focus on core challenges and outstanding issues facing the world economy, with all parties to find common solutions and contribute to Chinese wisdom.

“China is to contribute to world development. China founded the Silk Road Fund, initiated the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, to support "along the way" to promote interoperability, promote economic development. Silk Road Fund's first project financing Carlo Station, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank financed the construction of the first highway projects M4 motorway (Shaw Gorter to Naneiwaer section) has landed in Pakistan, Pakistan boost energy and transport infrastructure projects.”

At the end of his speech, Sun Weidong wished great success for the CPEC.