50 years on, Peek Freans continues to spread joy!

The brand’s new TVC brings smiles to people’s faces amid the pandemic

08:21 PM | 31 Aug, 2020
50 years on, Peek Freans continues to spread joy!

Peek Freans, the country’s leading manufacturers of branded biscuits, has once again won the hearts of millions in Pakistan during this pandemic by living up to its 50-year legacy of spreading joy.

With its new and highly creative TVC, Peek Freans portrayed a heartwarming narrative of joy and happiness in which people’s lives were touched in a variety of meaningful ways, specifically through innovatively designed boxes, each of which represented a different act of kindness.

The commercial, which runs for approximately 65 seconds, was released at a time when Covid-19 had left a massive impact on the way people socially interact with each other and has thus created an emotional void whereby many feel lost. This campaign reminds us that no matter what life throws at us, as long as we continue to be there for each other, there is then always a reason to smile.

‘Spread the Joy’

While the main message revolves around the immense joy felt in caring for others, the TVC also invokes the idea of staying hopeful and determined while enjoying a box full of delicious biscuits together.

This ‘Share the joy’ TVC is a perfect example of how a brand can leverage the power of its national footprint and execute a multifaceted CSR initiative to reach out to people in response to the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus.​

To date, English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM), under its brand name Peek Freans, has donated Rs350 million in the form of direct monetary donations, medical equipment, and ration and relief drives for communities most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this time of the heavy monsoon rains, where parts of Karachi remain submerged, without electricity more than 72 hours after record rains, and a lot of people who have face millions of losses, Peek Freans has come forward and is helping people in spreading joy in a fresh round of donation drives.