LAHORE (Web Desk) – Financial leakages worth billions in PIAC’s ticket booking system have been identified by the Aviation Division. The FIA has been requested to hold criminal investigations to unearth the malpractices being carried out by PIA officials and travel agents, revealed Aviation Division today.

In order to maximize revenue earning potential, PIAC’s ticket pricing structure is based on multiple Revenue Booking Designators (RBDs), as per standard industry practice. The system has inbuilt feature having provision of multiple RBDs for each class, primarily required to respond to market demand/forecast. Hence the ticket cost continues to increase as flight-date nears and more slots are booked. However, due to apparent manual intervention by certain PIA officials for their illegitimate financial gain, the objective of the system is being compromised. It is estimated that the revenue leakage due to the connivance of PIA officials and travel agents may be in billions.