Under the guise of “seriously damaging terror infrastructure” alleged to be in Azad Kashmir, the Indian generals want to go to war with Pakistan for at least six months, the Indian media has reported.

According to reports, top Indian army generals have told their intentions to their government. According to this plan, India will attack Pakistani Kashmir (Azad Kashmir) and sustain this attack for at least six months with the aim of destroying the so-called ‘terror infrastructure’ that they believe exists over there.

Indian generals have not commented on how Pakistan may respond.

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It seems that Indian generals have completely lost it after repeatedly subjecting themselves to their own anti-Pakistan propaganda. To callously suggest a misadventure openly inside Pakistani territory with no regard to the consequences of such actions is the height of megalomania that Indian generals have now reached.

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“We have to look at a sustained campaign. The terror network is on the back foot, but to really achieve something, we have to look at a medium-term plan, a six-month campaign. A one-off event will not deter them.”

A top Indian general was quoted by Indian media.

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Not only are Indian generals indifferent to loss to life and property of ordinary citizens on both sides, it seems that these people are bent upon the destruction of both countries, which is a very probable outcome if Pakistan and India go for an all-out war.

While Pakistan may be able to defend itself for some time against the campaign being currently suggested by Indian generals, the losses will be immense on both sides because Pakistan will have to open more theaters instead of sticking to the battles of Indian choosing. This means that the war will not be limited to the so-called ‘terror infrastructure’, but most likely spill out in Kashmir and possibly beyond.

Do Indian generals not know this? Of course they do, and this shows what exactly they are thinking right now.

However, this recommendation by the Indian generals does not seem to be a reaction to Uri attack or a spur-of-the-moment change of plans due to anger over recent events, this is not how such large militaries are supposed to work. The real intention it seems is to cripple Pakistan and put a halt on all development projects, specifically the CPEC.

India has been inexplicably opposed to CPEC, going as far as openly supporting terrorism in Balochistan among other things.

It is important to mention here that CPEC is not just a game-changer for Pakistani economy, it is also a game changer for Pakistan’s military strategy, rendering India’s cold-start doctrine obsolete.

This, it seems, is the last opportunity for Indian generals to go to war with Pakistan and aim for its destruction, or at least permanent crippling, before the strategic shifts in Pakistan’s economy and infrastructure forever put it out of Indian reach.

“We have the opportunity right now. Everyone is geared up and we have a much stronger hold on LoC than the other side,” an Indian general was quoted as saying.