RIYADH (Staff Report) – Saudi Arabia and the other coalition forces have been requested to send ground troops to Yemen as the aerial strikes against Houthi rebels are not enough remedy, said Yemeni Foreign Minister Riyadh Yaseen on Wednesday.

The ground forces are the necessity of the time and we have made a formal request to Arab allies in this regard, the minister confirmed.

Saudi Arabia along with 21 Arab league nations has earlier launched “Operation Decisive Storm” against the Houthi rebels and intensive fight continues in different cities of Yemen.

At least 114 civilians have also died so far in the aerial strikes by Saudi-led forces.

The Houthi fighters and Saudi forces are also exchanging artillery on the Yemeni border along with Saudi Arabia.

Egyptian Navy is also part of the combat in the port city of Aden where US Navy is also assisting them, according to media reports.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia had expressed their readiness to send in the ground troops to fight the rebellion and restore the writ of the ousted president al-Hadi, who is currently residing in Riyadh.

Most of the western countries and United Nations have closed their diplomatic offices in Yemen since the aerial strikes have begun.