Us, Pakistanis, sure have a thing for ridiculous, goofy humor and well.. we almost never fail to amuse ourselves.

In a sudden twist of events, we witnessed exactly this on Monday Night Raw. 

Yes you heard it right. ‘Monday Night Raw!’

What first began as a sign of protest against the Prime Minister has slowly metamorphosed into a trendy catchphrase and tagline, irrespective of the situation.

‘Go Nawaz Go’ pops up everywhere. Go to a public toilet, it’ll be there on the wall. Ride a bus and look out the window, you’ll probably see it in the pitiful eyes of a beggar doing his business on a newly built flyover.

Earlier this week, on Monday Night Rawthe legend Triple H came out in the ring to talk about his rivalry with Seth Rollins. Throughout the visual, one can see a green poster lurking about in the background whenever the camera switches in between scenes to a wide angle, saying ‘Go Nawaz Go.’

This incident has definitely left us in fits.