The month of Ramadan is a blessed month for many reasons. Whenever it approaches, happiness and joy return to the Muslim Ummah as the holy month brings some of the greatest gifts of Allah: the triumph of everyday fasts and the celebration of the revelation of Al Qur’an. In this blessed month, human beings also look for what they think of as happiness in thrills and chills, in places and events, in instant gratification as they learn to appreciate things in all their entirety and in full swing.

Fortress Lahore, since the very beginning, holds a reputation of bringing people together from different walks of life, to entertain, to celebrate, to help revel the community under the light of one shared culture as a whole.

This Ramazan, Fortress Square, one of the largest shopping destinations in the heart of the city featuring over 125 brands under one roof, brings you the opportunity to do JUST this. Now, you can enjoy a festivity where you can shop or eat for just Rs. 2500 or more and get a chance to win your way to fabulous prizes such as Umrah tickets, brand new motor bikes, LEDs, air-conditioners, washing machines and much much more. What better way to experience the glory of Ramazan in a 30-day marathon than this?

‘The Ramazan Gala’ scheduled at the Fortress Square Mall gives you the lucky chance to get your hands on amazing prizes, gift hampers, and free vouchers every week and the chance to enjoy the month of life, color and art every single day till the eve of Eid.

Live lucky draws are to be held every Saturday throughout the month of Ramzan.

1st Lucky Draw: 3rd June
2nd Lucky Draw: 10th June
3rd Lucky Draw: 17th June

The team behind Daily Pakistan invites you to this joyous carnival of fun, games, and activities that will keep the ball rolling of your Ramazan spirits this month!