Yet another day and another Kardashian drama. We all know how in order to get one endorsement through Kim’s Instagram page can cost a hefty amount of money. However one of the recent Kim’s instagram post (now deleted) Kim K was seen endorsing a low cal lollipop to her 111 million followers.


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It was not just your everyday low cal snack but Kim was actually promoting a lollipop which can stop your cravings. Flat Tumm Co. claims to suppress your appetite. Actress Jameela Jamil also criticizes Kim K for endorsing unhealthy and unrealistic products. The Instagram backlash became huge as users started to comment ‘appetite isn’t something you want to suppress’ another user said ‘This is a horrible message to send out.’

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Millions of young girls follow Kim K and see her as a role model to send out such message she can actually create a body conscious world for the girls. Her Instagram post got 1 million + likes which is an alarming thing. However Instagram now apologizes Kim K for mistakenly removing appetite-suppressing lollipop post which was sponsored by Kim K after seeing a huge backlash from the users. The post is now reinstated.

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