Gorgeous ‘Verna’ actress never shy away from voicing her opinions and thoughts. She is socially active tweeting often. Mahira Khan is a celebrity we all adore and she has always been very straightforward. Recently a twitter meltdown was seen when Mahira Khan tweeted congratulating cricketer Muhammad Hafiz for his successful test cricket inning after announcing his retirement in a tweet.

At this point some very curious twitter users asked Khan about her views on ‘Gunah tax’ reminding of her controversial pictures circulated all over social media. She was bashed when she was seen smoking with Rabit Kapoor. This topic was widely discussed questioning Khan’s morals and values (somehow).

Khan was not having any of if so she channeled her inner savage Diva. People praised Mahira for being brave and speaking up for herself in the most subtle manner.

People love how savage Mahira can be:


On point:


We love Ranbir and Mahira:


True legend: