MANDI BAHAUDIN (Staff Report) – Three young Pakistani students aged between 8 to 15 years have outshone around 5.7 million children hailing from 250 territories of the World Education Games festival.

Abeeha, Aiman Fatima and Ali Saud, who belong to Mandi Bahaudinand are student of class 4,6 and 9 respectively, won ‘Champion of the Champions’ awards in Australia after competing in Literacy, Maths and Science categories, while participating in the competition through internet.


In the three-day long competition the genius Pakistani kids were tested for their mental capabilities in their respective category. They were subjected to answer maximum questions in given sixty seconds and outshone all other participants.

The trio has been invited to Sydney to participate in a ceremony to receive their gold medals on November 16.

Earlier in 2013 Ali Saud and his partner Husnain Ali Abid were declared ‘Champion of Champions’ after winning number one position in two events, World Literacy Day and World Math Day in age categories 11-13 and 14-18 respectively.

saud and husain

Previously in 2011 Ali Saud was ranked 46th in the world while in 2012 he was remained 12th in the world.