LAHORE – A girl tragically broadcast her own video of committing suicide live on social media after a failed romantic relationship. .

The deceased, who hailed from Faisalabad and was residing in Lahore with her family, live streamed her video on a social networking site Bigo live. The live video was recorded by other users and uploaded on Youtube by a page named “real comedy”.

According to local media, she hanged herself from a ceiling fan after a boy named Ali refused to marry her.

In the video, the body of the girl can be seen hanging from the fan when a woman (possibly her mother) entered the room and was shocked after watching the scene.

The girl’s mother started shouting, after which a girl named Sadia rushed into the room, discovered the camera that had been installed for live streaming, and helped the woman to take down the body.

At the time of reporting the news, there is no official statement from the police and the family of the deceased.