ISLAMABAD – Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan is still sticking to his opposition regarding the much awaited PSL final in Lahore arguing that a curfew-like situation in the city would only tarnish Pakistan’s image.

Speaking at the KPK’s ‘Billion Tree Plantation Programme’ on Thursday he feared that any mishap would prove to be the end of international cricket in Pakistan.

Imran who earlier termed the decision of holding PSL final in Lahore ‘madness’ stood his ground and expressed that it was silly to hold the final contest in provincial capital.

He opined that not only the PSL final, but the entire tournament should have been held in Pakistan.

‘International cricket would only resume in Pakistan if the government overcame the menace of terrorism and ever-deteriorating law and order situation in the country instead of making cosmetic security arrangements’ Imran reiterated.

The cricketer turned politician observed that for him the real match was the Panama case adding that with the deployment of massive police, such event  could even be organised in Syria and Iraq .

‘You can hold a match even in war-hit Syria or Iraq by deputing 60,000 security personnel to guard a crowd of 30,000 visitors inside a stadium, but by blocking all electronic signals and devises and after curtailing routine life of the city’ Imran jibed.

It may be mentioned here that the law maker had opposed holding PSL final in Lahore. He would also not attend the high-octane encounter on Sunday.

Media reports also suggest that Quetta Gladiator’s star batsman Kevin Pietersen cited Imran’s ‘madness’ comments as reason for not playing PSL final in Lahore.