LANDI KOTAL – Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said on Wednesday that no terrorist network existed in the area, adding that after Operation Zarb-e-Azb terrorists had either been killed or escaped.

He said that Pakistan wanted to establish peaceful relations with neighbouring country, Afghanistan, but it should not incited by others for imposing allegations on Pakistan.

Speaking to reporters in Landi Kotal, the minister said that peace in Pakistan is closely linked to peace in Afghanistan. “We want peace on both sides of the border,” he said, adding that Afghanistan accuses Pakistan even for crimes it has not committed.

“Afghans are our brothers,” he said, adding that border management systems will be improved in order to tighten a noose around terrorists, as they could take benefit of leniency at the border. There will be only six controlled routes between Pakistan and Afghanistan by 2020.

The minister said he wants to establish a NADRA office at the border to assist the injured and sick.

He said that terrorism had destroyed peace in the tribal areas. Praising the tribes of Landi Kotal, he said their tribesmen had fought at the Kashmir border. “These tribes are always ready to defend the country,” he said.

He said all over the world more terrorism incidents were being reported, but a decline has been observed in such incident in Pakistan.