ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday said it was open to talks with India for the resolution of outstanding issues whenever its regional counterpart was ready.

“We remain open for dialogue. Pakistan will be ready for talks when India will be ready,” the Foreign Office Spokesman said in a weekly press briefing

Spokesman Nafees Zakaria said that Pakistan had always considered dialogue as the best means to resolve issues with India and had guided various dialogue initiatives in the past.

In response to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent statement, the Spokesman said no wedge could be made between the civil and military leadership of Pakistan as the latter was dedicated to the democratic operation.

“The Armed forces remain committed to support the democratic process in Pakistan,” he said.

He was responding to Modi’s recent statement, in which he alleged it was difficult to know whether to talk to the democratically elected government or “other actors” regarding the peace process.

The Spokesman said the people of Pakistan took great pride in the armed forces for their services.

He said strengthening people-to-people contacts with India was important, and both sides had been making attempts in this regard.

He said Pakistan encouraged the promotion of spiritual tourism in India and had facilitated Hindus and Sikhs in visiting holy sites in Pakistan.