WASHINGTON (Staff Report) – The US State Department spokesman Mr Mark C Toner on Friday said that one of the San Bernardino shooting suspect, Tashfeen Malik, got United States visa from Pakistan however the year could not be confirmed.

As many as 14 people were killed in an armed assault at a California centre for disabled people on Thursday. Two of the attackers, identified as Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook, were also killed in a chase by security personnel.

Talking to newsmen during daily media briefing, Mr Toner went on to say that FBI was conducting an in-depth investigation into the shooting incident and he is unable to verify much information about Tashfeen Malik.

Responding to a question he said that US officials have not so far approached Pakistani authorities for information or investigation about the alleged Pakistani citizen’s involvement in the shooting incident.

He went on to say that Tashfeen Malik got US K-1, the so called fiancee visa, from Pakistan while Syed Rizwan Farook was a US national. He confirmed that Malik was never given a US nationality.

When asked whether the suspect couple had traveled to Saudi Arabia ahead of their travel to US or not, the spokesman refused to clearly answer the question saying that Farook was a US national and we do not track our citizens overseas.