CALIFORNIA – WhatsApp has reportedly been testing many new features recently to bring more fun and convenience for users among a feature that allows users to pin conversations with their favourite contacts to the top to the Chats tab.

Android Police was the first one to spot the new feature of WhatsApp, and if you are using WhatsApp beta for Android versions 2.17.162 or 2.17.163, you will most likely be able to run it.

In order to experience the new feature, press on the individual/ group chat you want to bring to the top, and select the Pin symbol from the top bar. There are other options of Delete, Mute, and Archive alongside the pin.

After pinning a chat, it will remain on the top of your chat list, whether you have conversation or not and you will see other groups and individuals after the pinned chats.

Through this feature, user can pin a maximum number of three chats, after which it will throw a notification that ‘You can only pin up to 3 chats’ if you try to pin another chat.