LAHORE (Staff Report) – The world was Tuesday morning horrified to know that a domestic flight of EgyptAir was hijacked by an armed man who forced pilot to divert the plane to Cyprus, but people were greatly relieved when the hijack bid turned out to be a love affair rather than another act of terrorism.

According to Egyptian officials, the plane hijacker was an Veterinary Professor at a university in Alexandria and wanted to meet his ex-wife who was residing in Cyprus. Ironically, the Egyptian Aviation Minister also couldn’t preclude himself to say “he is not a terrorist, he is an idiot.”

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Hundred and thousands others also took it to micro-blogging website Twitter to share their sarcastic thoughts about the ‘love of a divorcee.’ Some called hijacking new ‘love metre’ and several others related the incident with historic tales of love.

Here Are Some Selected Tweets:

Meanwhile the Egyptian officials have said that they were also investigating if the weapons carried by hijacker were real or not.

Now after having read the whole article, you need to read this as well. And it’s kind of much serious.