SRINAGAR – The dummy government of Indian-held state of Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday night ordered all of the printing presses to not publish the Kashmir Reader newspaper under the controversial laws.

The officials said the newspaper was continuously publishing the material which could “easily incite acts of violence and disturb peace and tranquility.”

“It has been observed that the contents published in the above Newspaper is of such nature that can easily cause incitement of acts of violence and disturbance of public tranquility in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and Srinagar District in particular,” said the order.

The officials directed the Editor, Publisher and Financiers of Daily Kashmir Reader to immediately withdraw the publication of the newspaper or otherwise face the consequences.

The development came as a curfew situation has been imposed in the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir for last three months. Over 110 Kashmiri protesters were also killed by the Indian forces.