WASHINGTON (Web Desk) – United States Vice President Joe Biden has declared that he will not be running for the office of president in 2016 election, putting an end to a months-long flirtation with a third White House campaign.

In an appearance in the White House Rose Garden, Biden said his family was prepared to back him, but that he nonetheless would not be a candidate.“While I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent,” Biden said.

He also called on Democrats to cooperate with Republicans saying they may be the opposition, they are not our enemy.

Biden however did not endorse Clinton or any of the other Democratic candidates. Instead, he used the announcement to outline the path he said the party should take in the 2016 campaign.

Biden’s decision is expected to bolster Hillary Rodham Clinton’s standing as the front-runner by sparing her a challenge from the popular vice president. She welcome Biden’s announcement in a Twitter post.